7 Lazy Ways To Make Your Food Healthier

7 Lazy Ways To Make Your Food Healthier

That favorite recipe of Grandma's that you grew up with, the one with all the whole milk and four sticks of butter, does not have to be left to memory when you decide to eat more healthy meals. Just follow these 7 simple ways to make recipes healthier and you can transform it into a renewed favorite.

Use half the shortening, oil, or butter in baked goods and substitute it with mashed banana, unsweetened applesauce, or prune puree.

Cut the sugar content by up to a half. Using flavorings like vanilla or almond extract or spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, or cloves will help with the sweetness.

In baked goods that do not need yeast, cut salt by half. In many main dishes, the salt could be eliminated entirely.

Use fat free rather than whole milk. That will save nearly 8 grams of fat and 66 calories in one step. The same is true of cheeses. For example, you can substitute 4 ounces of reduced fat mozzarella cheese in the Diet Lasagna recipe.

Cut back on the meat, poultry, or fish in casseroles and increase the amount of vegetables instead.

Substitute whole wheat or spinach pasta for the enriched variety. That change alone will substantially increase the fiber content while reducing calories.

Change the cooking method. Healthy methods are poaching, grilling, sautéing, broiling, braising, and steaming. Use non-stick pans or spray to reduce the fat used for cooking.

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