7 Mint Chocolate Desserts

7 Mint Chocolate Desserts

The perfect pairing of chocolate and mint makes these cake, cookie and pie recipes twice as good.

Mint Chocolate Brownies: These look like normal brownies, but when you bite into them you get a cool rush of mint. Delicious!

Double Chocloate Mint Cake: Peppermint adds a tasty layer to this chocolate cake, drizzled with chocolate syrup.

White Chocolate Mint Tart with Strawberries: A wonderful blend of sweet strawberries and white chocolate.

Thin Mint Chocolate Mousse Pie: An easy, 4 ingredient dessert.

Chocolate Mint Cookies: Just like the famous Girl Scout cookie, but homemade!

Chocolate Thin Mint Pizza: If you love Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies then you will be a fan of this dessert.

Irish Chocolate Cream Pie: York Peppermint Patties give this a pie a crisp, minty flavor.

Chocolate Mint Tea: Try this combination for a delicious after dinner drink.

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