7 Of Our NEW Favorite Appetizers

8 Of Our NEW Favorite Appetizers

We love appetizers, because they can be made to serve a few or a whole crowd. Plus, they’re versatile enough to be a main dish in a pinch! So whether you’re having a backyard get together or an elegant cocktail reception, these are our absolute favorites!


Refreshing Fennel and Orange Salad- I used to hate fennel. Its flavor was so strong, and I could never figure out how to compliment it. Then I came across a recipe with fennel and orange combined. I made it, and it was delicious. Eventually, I simplified the flavors down to this recipe for a fennel and orange salad. This is perfect for your summer get togethers!

Dan’s Loaded Nachos- I love nachos. Chips, cheese, jalapenos, and all the trimmings. Since I can't have meat because of my transition to a vegetarian diet, this is one of my go-tos lately. I make substitutions like using Greek yogurt instead of sour cream (trust me, it tastes the same), and use fake meat instead of my usual chicken (close enough for me), but here's the original recipe I made up years ago.

Edamame with Sea Salt- Edamame is one of the few appetizers that taste delicious and are healthy for you. The addition of sea salt brings a little crunch to the otherwise soft appetizer. This is a great palette cleanser too, so you could even serve it between meals. I love to snack on this during the workday. 

My Favorite Fried Cauliflower- Normally, I avoid cauliflower at all costs. But a local Chicago area pizza chain makes fried cauliflower that's absolutely delicious. The cauliflower becomes so soft and the flavor is almost cheesy! Serve with some marinara.

Old-Fashioned Cream of Mushroom Soup- Sometimes, the can just doesn't cut it. When I get a hankering for mushroom soup, I absolutely have to make it from scratch. This is the recipe I use most often.

Hooters Fried Pickles- I do enjoy pickles, but I’ve never had the fried pickles from Hooters. I’m probably going to make this recipe tonight since everyone is raving about it. 

Veggie Samosas- Samosas are a South Asian delicacy made by wrapping savory ingredients in pastry and baking or frying. These are vegetarian versions and are a perfect appetizer or light lunch. Serve with some of your favorite chutneys for dipping.


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