7 Red Lobster Favorites

7 Red Lobster Favorites

Do you love Red Lobster as much as we do? Well, get excited because we have 7 copycat recipes for you!

1. Copycat Red Lobster Shrimp Nachos - We love that shrimp and nachos are finally paired together. It tastes amazing!

2. Copycat Red Lobster's Ultimate Fondue - Dip your lobster tails and shrimp in this cheesy dip! It's great for a party appetizer.

3. Copycat Red Lobster Seafood Chili - Add seafood to make your chili a little out of the ordinary. 

4. Copycat Red Lobster's Shrimp Scampi - This famous dish might taste even better than the restaurant!

5. Copycat Red Lobster's Fried Catfish and Hushpuppies - Here's another winning pair that you will love!

6. Copycat Red Lobster's Cheddar Bay Biscuits - Your homemade biscuits will be even better after you try this copycat recipe.

7. Copycat Cheese Garlic Rolls, Red Lobster Style - We have another bread recipe that is filled with cheesy goodness!

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