7 Sensational Chicken Soup Recipes!

7 Sensational Chicken Soup Recipes!

These soups are literally sensational! Whether you are fighting off a cold or just love a homemade chicken soup, these recipes will please one and all. Recipe4Living is providing you with the very best of the best with these seven stunners! We even snuck in a chicken soup casserole dish! Keep reading for more.

Chicken & Rice Soup: This comforting, homemade soup traditionally heals all woes.

Qucik & Easy Baked Chicken Soup Casserole:
For a whole meal, you can put this mixture on sandwiches. It is complemented well by potato salad or salad too.

Creamy Chicken Soup:
A delightful soup to warm you up on a cold blustery day. This creamy texture has a delicate taste that blends well with sourdough rolls.

Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup:
The classic cure-all made with a whole chicken.

Healing Chicken Soup for Body and Soul: This easy soup was made for us whenever we were sick from a cold. It is good any season of the year.

Rommie's Vegetable Soup with Chicken
This recipe came about on a freezing Chicago winter night and was the perfect nourishment to warm from the cold. You can also use your favorite veggies if they're not included here, such as: brussell sprouts, kale, mushrooms or asparagus.

Chicken and Shrimp Tortilla Soup:
A Mexican-inspired soup with the hint of lime!

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