7 Zucchini-Filled Crockpots

7 Zucchini-Filled Crockpots

Zucchini is at its peak right now, so start stockpiling zucchini recipes. From sweet to savory, this vegetable is one of our favorite parts of summer. There couldn’t be a more perfect time to try any one of these enticing recipes.

1) Zucchini and Yellow Squash Soup: this amazing soup is ideal for lunch or for starters to a main meal. The taste of zucchini and squash complement each other perfectly.

2) Satisfying Slow-Cooked Squash Medley:  squash is one of those superfoods that goes well with everything. Try this pairing with zucchini.

3) Diabetic-Friendly Crockpot Italian Pork Chops: the Italian seasoning and the abundance of fresh zucchini make the pork chops explode with flavor in every bite.

4) How to Make Crockpot Zucchini Bread: the first of our two zucchini breads in the collection, this one is simple and adds a little bit of spice.

5) Tasty Zucchini Bread Recipe: now that you’ve mastered the how-to of baking bread in your crockpot, here’s a delightful recipe to try!

6) Creamy Zucchini Soup: Use freshly-picked zucchini to make this amazing dish!

7) Easy Cheesy Zucchini Squash: this ooey-gooey dish is just like a squash casserole, but instead made in your crockpot.


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