8 Coffee Cakes Perfect for Christmas Morning

8 Coffee Cakes Perfect for Christmas Morning

I remember when it was Christmas morning and I was a kid, I didn't want to eat, get dressed, or do anything until I got to open my presents! So, these breakfasts are quick and easy, and definitely a bit special. Keep reading to see 8 coffee cakes that I'd love to serve my family on Christmas morning.

Cinnamon Coffee Cake: This basic coffee cake recipe is a good one to have in your baking repertoire – easy to whip up in a flash and always a crowd-pleaser.

Gramma's Coffee Cake: Gramma used this recipe for visits from the reverand back in 19th century Missouri, when the ministers of the churches were fed by the congregation. This was an easy to make cake and very favored by one minister at the time.

Blueberry Coffee Cake: Use a 9x13-inch pan. Easy to make; you can use fresh fruit, peaches or any frozen fruit in a bag with no juice.

Low Fat Cinnamon Sour Cream Coffee Cake: This is a great dessert to have in your repertoire. It's low in fat, takes very little time to make and it always comes out well.

Black Forest Coffee Cake: Cherries and chocolate come together in this rich cake.

Old Fashioned Coffee Cake: This recipe is easy and is topped with a delicious cinnamon crumb topping. My mom made it when I was a child.

Apple Pie Coffee Cake: This is a fun, flavorful cake that everyone always loves.

Cranberry Crisp Coffee Cake: Frosted Flakes give this simple cake a fun crunch.

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