8 Fun Facts About The Cooking Channel’s Bal Arneson

8 Fun Facts About The Cooking Channel’s Bal Arneson

Bal Arneson, star of the new Cooking Channel series “Spice Goddess,” reveals some fun facts about her childhood, her cooking experiences, her signature dish, and how you can make delicious Indian food in 25 minutes or less!

Click here to learn more about Bal and her new series, "Spice Goddess."  Be sure to watch Bal cook up some delicious Indian dishes every Saturday at 11am Eastern Time!

Quick Facts
Her cooking style: Healthy, quick, and delicious Indian food.

Her go-to weeknight meal: Five-minute chickpeas with brown rice.

The strangest ingredient she’s ever used: Snails. 

Her signature dish: Cauliflower with yams.

A Little More

What her show is about: "Spice Goddess" focuses on cooking with spices from India and making amazing meals in no time. While she cooks, she shares the stories of her life growing up in a village in India.  Viewers will learn how people in India celebrate food, colours, festivals, and seasons.

Her biggest cooking disaster: Because she grew up in India, Bal was accustomed to cooking on a clay barbecue pit on the ground.  When she moved to Canada, she had an electric cook top.  She didn’t even know where to begin!

What she loves about Indian food: The spices in it not only give an amazing aroma to the food, but they also have great health benefits.

Her advice for women who think they’re too busy to cook: Try recipes from her cookbook, Everyday Indian.  You will be amazed how aromatic foods can be cooked in less than 25 minutes. Start with her 5-minute chickpeas.  They only take 3 minutes to cook!  They’re called 5-minute chickpeas so you have time to put wine in the glass!

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