8 Great Chicken Marinades

8 Great Chicken Marinades

The easiest way to add flavor to your chicken breasts is by whipping up a quick marinade and letting the chicken soak in the fabulous flavors. Try one of these marinades before throwing your chicken on the grill this summer!

Joan’s Chicken Marinade: A quick and easy flavorful marinade for grilling chicken.

Grilled Lime Chicken Marinade: For a lighter flavoring on the grill, try this refreshing splash of a sauce.

Sunshine Citrus Marinade: This recipe is a great marinade for chicken that is going to be grilled!

Create-A-Lemon Marinade: This recipe includes a lemon base as well as lots of other ways to dress it up.

Marinade for Steak and Chicken
: This is a basic marinade but, boy, does it have a lot of flavor!

Lemongrass Marinade
: A more complex marinade that's perfect for chicken.

Marvelous Meat Marinade: Soy sauce, dry mustard, lemon juice and parsley mix together for a delicious taste.

Italian-Style Marinade
: Three cloves of garlic add a punch of flavor to this marinade.

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