8 Great Grape Recipes!

8 Great Grape Recipes!

Grapes are in season this October and Autumn season, so why not pour yourself a crisp glass of wine and savor some of our best grape-based dishes? This collection includes focaccia bread, a sweet fruit salad, a hearty pork dish and more!

Cream Cheese and Grapes Spread: This sophisticated spread has a beautiful presentation. Mango chutney, grapes, curry powder, brandy and almonds make this an excellent spread.

Grapes and Cheese:
The refreshing flavor the grapes is the perfect pairing with the cheese.

Grape Salad:
So easy and good- everyone wants this recipe!

Sweet Grapes and Pork Sausage
: A sweet and savory dish that is so easy to make!

Fruit and Chicken Salad: The grapes and apricots give this chicken salad extra flavor!

Sicilian Braised Pork Shoulder:
A flavorful main course with a side of grapes.

Red Grape and Rosemary Focaccia
The Red Flame variety of grapes, so plentiful right now, has a beautiful purple color and a hint of spice. As the dough rises, it almost completely covers them, leaving just a hint of skin peeking through. When you take a bite, you get the wonderful surprise of a sudden burst of juice.

Fluffy Fruit Dip:
This is great for dipping your seasonal grapes in! Have toothpicks available to spear the fruit for dipping. This dish is terrific for parties.

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