8 Pancakes That Please: Delicious Pancake Recipes For Fall

8 Pancakes That Please: Delicious Pancake Recipes For Fall

This fall, try sprucing up your brunches and breakfasts with some of these delicious seasonally-inspired recipes!

In our house we make pancakes pretty often; they’re our go-to for big weekend breakfasts. In my house, my husband is the pancake maker. He always uses a boxed mix, but it’s all about the technique. He adds the correct ingredients (not the “just add water” types of pancakes) but instead of measuring, he eyeballs how much of everything is added.

The end result is always huge plate sized pancakes, close to one inch thick and perfectly golden. Light, fluffy, thick and delicious! I’ve tried numerous recipes for pancakes and they’re never quite as good as his technique is with the boxed mixes. As much as we all love his pancakes, I’m also a fan of variety and love seasonal recipes.

Since the holidays are coming soon and you may have some overnight guests to impress, I’ve compiled a Recipe4Living round up of pancakes I’ll be trying this fall, which are all just perfect for the season.

Pumpkin Pancakes –Pumpkin is the quintessential flavor for fall; and with real pumpkin not just in the pancakes, but in the syrup too, these are a must make!

Apple Pecan Pancakes – These pancakes sounds so perfectly suited for fall, and there’s a special Apple Spice Syrup to boot!

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes – Cinnamon Rolls and pancakes, with cream cheese. These sound amazing!

Red Velvet Pancakes – All the goodness of a red velvet cake in a pancake, with delicious icing instead of syrup!

Traditional Pancakes – A good basic pancake recipe so you can add all the autumn inspired tastes as toppings.

Cinnamon Honey Pancakes – Seasonal cinnamon flavor with a honey taste included.

Apple Cider Pancakes – Pancakes inspired by the delicious flavors of everyone’s favorite Fall drink.

Copycat Grain and Nut Pancakes – A healthier twist for pancakes with a whole grain and nut crunch.

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