8 Perfect Picnic Desserts

8 Perfect Picnic Desserts

Pack these dessert favorites for your next picnic!

We love these eight desserts that are ideal for your Spring, Summer or even Fall picnic party. Read on for our top favorites.

Picnic Chocolate Chip Cookies: This classic cookie recipe is sure to please!

Easy Breezy Summer Cake:
We always get recipe requests for this recipe. This summer cake recipe is simple to make and easy to take along to the picnic.

Dreamy Creamy Fruit Mold:
Dreamy creamy fruit molds are great for summer gatherings, picnics, and any other event. For larger events, double this recipe and make two molds!

Classic Yellow Cake with Toasted Hazelnut Buttercream
Take this luscious cake to a potluck picnic and watch it disappear faster than you can cut it!

Grapeberry Summer Salad:
This is a great summer salad for a hot day!

Strawberry Sour Cream Bread:
This moist, berry bread seems perfectly appropriate for a summer picnic.

Orange Jello Salad with Whipped Topping
This is a healthier version of the kid and family favorite Orange Jello Salad! The vinegar is the trick!

Cinnamon Pumpkin Bars:
These bars are a lovely late summer or early Fall treat to pack for a picnic, lunch or afternoon snack! They are low in carbs and make a wonderful healthy treat.

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