8 Skillet Favorites From The Grant Life

8 Skillet Favorites From The Grant Life

Kelley Grant of The Grant Life always has a unique recipe up her sleeve. Whether it's sweet basil beer bread or strawberry pineapple butter, you can always expect the unexpected. However, we have noticed one (delicious) trend on her site and that's the abundance of skillet recipes. Easy to make and beyond tasty, we can't get enough of these recipes! We decided to hand pick our favorites just for you.

1) Our first favorite skillet recipe from Kelley has to be this ooey-gooey, chocolatey Reese's S'mores Skillet. Clearly she's a genius for adding Reese's to her s'mores!

2) Another unique skillet of hers is this wonderful Skillet Breakfast Nachos Recipe. Now we have an excuse to eat yummy, cheesy nachos in the early hours of the day.

3) If you're still on the fence about quinoa, try this Chipotle Quinoa Skillet. Between the creamy black beans and smoky chipotle corn, quinoa will be your new favorite food.

4) Berry cobbler is a quintessential summer dessert, so why not make it in a skillet? This Four Berry Skillet Cobbler is our new favorite for sure.

5) When you're craving Italian food, go ahead and whip this Cheesy Italian Skillet up. You'll satisfy your cravings with minimal work.

6) If you're still craving pasta after you try the Cheesy Italian Skillet, try this Roasted Tomato Skillet Pasta. The roasted tomatoes lend a hint of sweetness to this otherwise savory dish. Molto Bene!

7) Bored of Italian skillets? Spice it up with this Mexican-inspired Fiesta Rice Skillet. With a dollop of sour cream and a handful of tortilla chips, this dish is pure perfection.

8) Another ethnic-inspired dish, this Greek Pasta Skillet provides amazing Mediterranean flavors with the addition of olives, feta cheese and more.

If you're still craving more, check out some more of Kelley's recipes here!

Between the creamy black beans and smokey chipotle corn, quinoa will be your new favorite food. - See more at: http://www.savvyfork.com/component/yoorecipe/recipe/1752-chipotle-quinoa-skillet.html#sthash.nGzimd0A.dpuf

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