8 Spanish Paella Recipes

8 Spanish Paella Recipes

Paella is a dish from the Valencia region of Spain. Paella often includes rice, vegetables and meat or seafood.

Chicken paella: If you're not a fan of seafood try this recipe.

Classic paella: This traditionally Spanish dish consists of rice, lots of seafood, spicy chorizo sausage and of course, saffron for that unique coloring.

Paella pasta: This traditional Spanish dish is usually prepared over rice, but pairing with noodles adds an Italian flair to an already delicious dish!

Seafood paella: A Spanish masterpiece of rice and seafood seasoned with the unique flavor of saffron.

Vegetable paella: Try out this delicious and healthy low-fat dinner option to keep your family happy and healthy.

Honduran paella: This is a slightly Americanized version of a classic Honduran paella.

Tomato paella: This is an excellent paella recipe for beginners and is really quite simple to prepare.

Seafood and sausage paella: This is a simple version of this classic Spanish dish.

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