8 Sweet Nutella Recipes

8 Sweet Nutella Recipes

Nutella was first imported to the U.S. from Italy over 25 years ago. Now the hazelnut spread with a hint of cocoa is hugely popular. Instead of spreading Nutella on your toast, try one of these new recipes.

Nutella Muffins: Use Nutella for an added chocolate hazelnut flavor in these muffins.

Nutella Ravioli: Try ravioli for dessert with this sweet treat!

4 Ingredient Nutella Cookies: Nutella plus a little flour, sugar and egg go into these simple cookies.

Nutella Banana Bread: Why not try a new banana bread recipe by adding in some addicting Nutella spread.

Nutella Puppy Chow: The ultimate snack food is made even better by adding Nutella.

Nutella Fudge Brownies with Mocha Frosting: This recipe has everyone's favorites, chocolate, fudge, Brownies, mocha and Nutella...how can you go wrong?

Nutella Rice Krispie Treats: Chocolate lovers will go crazy for these rice krispie treats!

No Bake Nutella Pretzel Bites: Part cookie, part pretzel, these treats are the perfect mix of salty and sweet.


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