8 Tasty Chicken Appetizer Recipes

8 Tasty Chicken Appetizer Recipes

Hosting a party or get-together? If so, then chicken should definitely top your list of tasty foods to serve! This wide assortment of chicken appetizer recipes will surely be a hit at your party! We've included everything from fried chicken wings and buffalo wings to quesadillas and chicken puffs!

Sweet Chicken Wings - If you're tired of hot wings, these are great!  Once you start eating them you cannot stop.

Chicken Puffs - A rich, creamy chicken sauce is rolled in croissants and baked to form delicious puffs. Wonderful for get togethers!

Buffalo Wings - This classic appetizer is always a crowd-pleaser. Great for football games, hanging around or even a light meal.

Quick Chicken Chunks - It's a quick, tasty bite! Whip up a batch of crispy-coated chicken chunks in your microwave. They're perfect for dipping.

Hot Chicken Dip - This creamy dip can be used as an appetizer with chips or it can be the filling in tortillas.

Baptist Church-Fried Chicken Wings - A dish no child will ever turn down!

Quick Chicken Quesadillas - Feeding a family is a snap with this dinner that's on the table in less than 30 minutes. This is a great way to do that.

Crunchy Ranch Chicken Tenders - These ranch-flavored, oven-baked chicken tenders are great finger food for a party.


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