8 Tasty Hot Dog Recipes

8 Tasty Hot Dog Recipes

Who doesn't love a good hot dog in the summertime? Whether you make them on July 4th, Labor Day or even Memorial Day, our LIST OF top hot dog recipes will have you craving a cookout!

Our Favorite Hot Dog Recipes

Gourmet Hot Dogs - These stuffed hot dogs are the real deal! Piled high with toppings and broiled with cheese and garlic, this is the ultimate way to eat a hot dog.

Pizza Dog - Stuff hot dogs with your favorite cheeses, top with pizza sauce and voila: a pizza dog!

Stuffed Hot Dogs - A little kid's dream come true: mashed potatoes, bacon and cheese all on top of a hot dog!

Dad's Dogs - My husband found this recipe many years ago on the inside of a matchbook. Not sure of the original name, but to our family the recipe became known as "Dad's Dogs"...a yummy mix of hot dogs, onions, sauce and cheese!

Jim's Super Dogs - I developed this hot dog recipe specifically for teenagers when cooking on church retreats. I have never had any left over.

Hot Dog Relish - Don't know what to do with all the condiment bottles in the fridge that have just a little bit left? Check this out.

Hot Dogs and Kraut - A terrific blend of bacon, sauerkraut and homemade Thousand Island dressing. You can substitute a favorite bottled Thousand Island variety if you prefer.

Joanie's Coney Island Hot Dog Sauce - It's not a Coney Island Hot Dog without the sauce!


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