8 Vegetarian Burgers

8 Vegetarian Burgers

Burgers that are just as good as the meaty variety. Whether you're in the mood for tofu, beans or veggies, we've got a burger recipe for you.

Tofu Burger: These burgers are a great meatless option for your next family party or BBQ.

Bean Burger: A different take on the veggie burger.

Soy Burger: A burger has all the makings of a perfect meal: low-cal soy protein, colorful vegetables and lots of flavor.

Southwest Veggie Burger: You'll want to become a vegetarian when you taste these burgers!

Portabella Burgers: When you put your favorite toppings on these mushroom burgers, they taste just like meat.

California Black Bean Burgers: Coating the patties with cornmeal gives them a delicious, crispy crunch.

Wild Rice Pecan Burgers: These delicious burgers are served in sandwich buns with cranberry sauce.

Broccoli Burgers: A yummy way to get your daily serving of veggies.

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