8 Ways to Create a Movie Night at Home!

8 Ways to Create a Movie Night at Home!

Everyone knows how expensive it can be to take a group or large family out for one movie night. The tickets, food and other assorted add-on goodies end up costing a whole day's pay! Your couch at home is much nicer than a room full of strangers, and you can easily create your own movie night at home, minus the bill! Here are 8 ways to create a cinematic adventure at your own house!

First of all, if you are having a movie night for a big group of friends, make sure you have a nice set-up. This means seats for all, enough snacks for the number of people invited and a good view of the television. These are all the necessary components for having a wonderful night in!

Ambiance. Lower the lights and make sure you have comfy seats. Serve up your own version of the popular iced slushie to start the night!

Soda or Pop. Whatever you call it, it may not be good for you, but it is associated with the movies. Provide a variety of flavors! These sweet beverages will keep your movie audience alert and engaged throughout the film.

Popcorn. You can keep this buttery and simple with traditional movie popcorn, or try some new varieties, like this spicy cinnamon treat or the flavorful mix of this variety.

Basic Snacks. Provide the basic snacks one would be able to purchase the theater, and if you are having people coming over, ask them to bring one of these items! Make sure you have chips (always a drive-in movie theater staple) and all the traditional movie candy: Sno Caps, Lemonheads, Mike & Ike and Junior Mints.

A Do-It-Yourself Nacho Station. Nachos have become a movie snack staple in the past ten or years, and a DIY station is perfect- you don't feel overwhelmed as the host and everyone can make their nachos just the way they like them! Put out some jalapenos, hot cheese, olives, tomatoes and sour cream. If you are feeling ambitious, make some ground beef or chili to put on top.

A Themed Dish or Snack. What movie are you watching tonight? Is it a scary vintage flick? Provide some gummy worms! A romantic comedy calls for a bubbly beverage or virgin Cosmopolitan. If the film is patriotic, use the red, white and blue theme! If it is foreign, focus on a food from that particular region (dessert crossiants, mon cheri).

Ice Cream. Back when the drive-in ruled, ice cream cones were a very traditional treat. These days, we can only imagine how dirty the inside of a theater would become! Opt for ice cream bowls with a chocolate vanilla swirl to please all. Provide a hot fudge topping and sprinkles to make it fun!

Quiet, Please
. Movie nights at home with friends often result in chatter. Remind your friends that you all want to enjoy the movie. You can chat before and after the movie, but as is the case with an actual movie theater, it's best to respect those around you who want to enjoy the film. Whether it is a horror film, drama or comedy (best for those rowdy friends), make sure it is a movie everyone has agreed on, hasn't seen or loves to enjoy again and again!

All of these components add up to one thing: a successfully-hosted movie night in! Bravo! Take your bow.

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