8 Ways to Use A Bottle of Barbecue Sauce

8 Ways to Use A Bottle of Barbecue Sauce

Everyone has a half empty bottle of barbecue sauce sitting somewhere in their fridge; find yours and make the most of it! You can do more with barbecue sauce than slather it on steak, though. Try it on pizza, in sandwiches, or in your favorite side dish! We’ll share our 8 favorite ways to use up your leftover sauce!

1. Super Saucy Pizza
Instead of tomato sauce, give your pizza some summery flavor by substituting barbecue sauce, instead!  
Try this recipe: Barbecue Chicken Pizza
2.  Kicked Up Beans
The sweet and tangy flavor of barbecue sauce pairs perfectly with beans, so mix the two up and taste the results!  Both kids and adults will a barbecue bean side dish.
Try this recipe: Barbecue Calico Beans
3. Pack a Lunch
Using barbecue sauce in a simple sandwich or wrap makes for a delicious lunch that can be brought to work, school, or even on a picnic! 
Try this recipe: Barbecue Chicken Roll Ups

4. Go Traditional
Ok, we’ve all had ribs with barbecue sauce before, but who can resist them?  This classic coupling lends itself to a fun summer celebration!
Try this recipe: Barbecued Baby Back Ribs

5. Saucy Sandwiches
Slow-cooked meats go perfectly with barbecue sauce.  Stick the end result in a bun and you have a delicious lunch or simple dinner.
Try this recipe:
Barbecue Beef Sandwiches

6. From Classic to Creative
Take a classic recipe, like meatloaf, and change it up with the addition of a few new ingredients and flavors.  Barbecue sauce is perfect for this kind of thing!
Try this recipe: Barbecue Bacon Cheddar Meatloaf
7. Spruce Up Salads
I bet you never thought you’d be putting barbecue sauce on salad!  You can use barbecue sauce alone, or mix it up with other sauces, to make a tasty dressing for Southwestern-style salads.
Try this recipe: Barbecue Chicken Salad

8. Magnificent Meatballs
We’ve shown you how tasty barbecue sauce can be with chicken and other meats, but don’t forget about meatballs!  Stick ‘em in your crockpot with some sauce and watch the magic happen!
Try this recipe: Barbecued Meatballs

Do you know another way to use barbecue sauce?  Log in and share your recipe here!

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