8 Yummy Crab Cake Recipes

8 Yummy Crab Cake Recipes

Moist and flavorful, crab cakes make for a perfect appetizer, lunch, or light dinner! There are all sorts of different ways to make crab cakes, and they’re all easy, so try one of our 8 favorite recipes and see which one you like best!

Crab Cakes Made Easy: A simple recipe without a lot of spices or mustard to hide the taste of the crab. Everyone always wants more of them.

Mom’s Crab Cakes: It's easy to make and tastes great.

Classic Crab Cakes: These delicious crab cakes make a great appetizer or even main course!
Easiest Crab Cakes: Herb garlic mashed potatoes and breadcrumbs are a shortcut to tasty crab cakes.

Spicy Crab Cakes: Delicious crap cakes topped with garlic and onions.

Maryland Crab Cakes: These are a fabulous treat as an appetizer, light lunch, or even stick them on a bun as a sandwich.
Delicious Crab Cakes: Here's a great crab cake recipe that makes moist and delicious crab cakes!
Jack Fry’s Lobster-Crab Cakes with Creamy Dijon Sauce: These mouthwatering cakes can be served as appetizers or as a meal with other dishes – either way they'll be the star!

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