9 Festive Fruitcakes

9 Festive Fruitcakes

Christmas cookies are definitely tasty, but a fruitcake is the true star of the show! There are so many ways to make fruitcakes, so try one of these 9 variations this holiday season.

Boiled Fruitcake: A classic recipe that evokes immediate yuletide memories, this cake is easy to make and a holiday staple.

Jeweled Fruitcake: This yummy cake is brimming with fruit. If you don't like some of the fruits listed here, choose your own favorite dried fruit! It will still taste great!

Fast ‘N Fabulous Fruitcake: Don't show up to Christmas dinner empty handed. Spread your good cheer with this easy fruitcake.

Ice Box Fruitcake: I love this fruitcake because there is no cake batter, just fruit. It is easy and simple make. The recipe can be easily doubled.

Holiday Fruitcake: It wouldn't be Christmas without one of these classic desserts on the table. Very little fruit, if that's what you fancy.

Sugarless Fruitcake: No matter the dietary needs of your guests, everyone should be able to have a slice of fruitcake on Christmas. Using a sugar substitute, this spiced cake is still packed full of goodness.
Applesauce Fruitcake: Using applesauce along with shortening doesn't cut down on the fat content, but it keeps cake moist and delicious – perfect for your holiday table.

Easy Light Fruitcake: Fruitcake can get a bad wrap for its dense quality and weight, but try this lighter version and surprise everyone with the updated taste.

Fantastic Fruitcake: This is the very best Christmas fruitcake recipe ever!

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