9 Fine Potato Casseroles

9 Fine Potato Casseroles

Potatoes are a great addition to any holiday or cold-weather dinner. Keep reading to learn how to add potatoes to holiday casseroles for an even heartier twist on a classic favorite.

Potato Casserole: A super-easy potato casserole baked with creamy and crunchy ingredients.

Taco Potato Casserole: This is a very simple and healthy meal, which is easy to rebuild in any way you want.

Baked Potato Casserole: This cheddar, green onion, and sour cream casserole has all the fixings baked right in with the potatoes.

Mushroom Potato Casserole: Add some cream of chicken or cream of mushroom soup to your potatoes and liven up this casserole. My children love this.

Potato Burger Casserole: This quick and easy dish has a little bit of everything. With a combination of meat, potatoes, cheese and a crunchy topping it's a great comfort food for those cold winter nights when you just want to relax.

Spinach Potato Casserole: This potato spinach casserole is good with any meat or fish dinner. This recipe can get your kids to eat spinach! Feel free to use real or instant potatoes.

Sweet Potato Casserole: My mother made this casserole every Thanksgiving since I was a small child and is a favorite in our family. She usually doubled the recipe because it was always the first thing to disappear from the table.

Irish Potato Casserole: This quick and easy potato recipe is a great way to get dinner on the table fast.

Tuna Potato Casserole: A simple and tasty use for canned tuna, with potatoes and plenty of veggies.

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