9 Healthy Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies

9 Healthy Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies

We’ve all heard we need to eat more green veggies like spinach and kale. The only problem is they are not very appetizing. I would never just sit down and eat a bowl of spinach and I doubt you would either. Smoothies are the perfect solution to that problem.

I was a fruit-smoothie devotee until my fellow editors and I tried Tropical Smoothie Café. They have an amazing spinach and kale smoothie that doesn’t even taste like vegetables. Since then I’ve been on a vegetable smoothie kick. Throwing some veggies in to your favorite smoothie recipe is a great way to get extra vitamins and minerals!

Strawberry Kale Smoothie: This filling and healthy smoothie is one you can feel good about serving to your family.

Strawberry Carrot Smoothie: If you're not to keen on carrots try this smoothie. It has plenty of tasty fruits like strawberries and mangoes.

Blueberry Spinach Smoothie: It doesn't get any healthier than this blueberry spinach smoothie recipe. Try it for breakfast or a healthy snack.

Green Smoothie: Kids love this smoothie because you taste the bananas, orange juice and pineapples--not spinach.

Apple Spinach Smoothie: Talk about healthy! This smoothie has apples, spinach, Greek yogurt and flax seed!

Spinach Mango Smoothie: This green smoothie tastes like mango and is high in antioxidants.

Kiwi Spinach Smoothie: Kiwi strawberry is a popular smoothie flavor, so why not try kiwi spinach? We promise you won't even know there's spinach in this smoothie

Carrot Apple Smoothie: Packed full of vitamin A, this carrot-apple blended smoothie is the perfect jump start to any morning.

Carrot Orange Mango Smoothie: Start your morning with a huge dose of vitamin C and fiber. It's so tasty that you'll never even know it's healthy!

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