9 Perfect Pear Desserts

9 Perfect Pear Desserts

Pears are officially in season, and we love to cook with them. Keep reading to see our favorite pear recipes.

Baked Pears with Chocolate: This many not be a combination you have thought of, but it's simply delicious.
Pear Banana Berry Bake: The combination of fruit in this dish really compliment each other. It can be made a day before serving. That is if you can keep in the fridge with out anyone sneaking a bite! It's that good! Sometimes we double the topping part.
Apple Pear Brown Betty: Layers of fresh fruit alternate with a tasty bread mixture made with cinnamon and nutmeg.
Pear Strudel with Dried Cherries: This is not just your ordinary apple strudel; you will substitute the apples for pears and dried cherries to have a sweet yet tart taste.
Pear Ginger Streusel Muffins: The sweet pear mixed with the spicy ginger makes for a delicious muffin!
Pear Mousse: This decadent, fruity mousse combines pears with lemon Jello-O and cream cheese! It's a great side or dessert!

Spicy Pear Cake: Cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg add incredible spice and flavor to this cake.
Apricot Pear Parfaits: This is such a delightful dessert to make for yourself or for anyone on a hot summer day.

Scarlet Pears: This dessert is as tasty as it is beautiful.

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