9 Ragin' Cajun Favorites

9 Ragin' Cajun Favorites

Whether you love a Creole crockpot meal or a homemade hot red sauce, these Cajun favorites are sure to bring some spice into your life! From dirty rice to a catfish sandwich favorite, you will be able to sample the best Cajun food has to offer.

Cajun Dirty Rice: Cooked with beef and sausage, this rice is a full meal.

Baked Fish with Creole Sauce:
This simply-baked fish still gets lots of flavor from a homemade spicy Creole sauce.

Shrimp Creole Crockpot:
A family recipe from down south, this Cajun shrimp recipe will have you whistlin' Dixie.

Cajun Corn, Rice and Beans:
This is a colorful side dish to make with any meal. You control the heat with the hot pepper sauce, so it can be a mild accompaniment or a real scorcher!

Hot Cajun Red Sauce:
If you can't get enough spice, have this sauce on hand for many different dishes. It's fantastic!

Louisiana Seafood Gumbo
This Cajun gumbo features lots of shellfish and a little andouille sausage for a more complex flavor.

Catfish Hoagie:
This is a fun sandwich that's big enough to have for lunch or dinner. Be careful, it has a lot of spice!

Chicken Cajun Smoked Sausage Stew:
This hearty flavorful stew holds well and is wonderful the next day.

Cajun Cornbread:
Most Cajuns like their food spicy and hot but blended with lots of flavor. Some just like the flavors! This cornbread can give you either of the tastes; you get to pick.

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