9 Yummy Heart Healthy Recipes

9 Yummy Heart Healthy Recipes

These heart healthy recipes are packed with nutrients that can help prevent heart disease. Some of the most heart healthy foods include salmon, oatmeal, almonds, blueberries and carrots, so we’ve tried to include them in this recipe collection. Make sure to consult with your physician if you’ve had heart problems before changing your diet.

Heart Healthy Recipes: Chicken
Chicken isn’t the most heart healthy food, so pair it with other heart healthy ingredients!

Crispy Chicken - This crunchy dish is very simple, heart-healthy.
Chicken Chili Stew - A hearty, tasty, and filling stew for those chilly nights!
Healthy and Hearty Chicken Soup - This simple soup doesn't take too long to cook and is just what the doctor ordered.

Easy Heart Healthy Recipes
Just because a recipe is heart-healthy doesn’t mean it has to take hours to make.

Heart-Healthy Salmon with Kale - Add colorful sautéed leeks and kale to salmon filets and you have a wonderful meal full of cancer-fighting phytonutrients, vitamins A, K and C, and diet-friendly fiber.
Heart-Healthy Kamut Pasta Salad - Avocado, high-fiber kamut pasta, and other tasty ingredients combine together to make a Mediterranean-style pasta salad!
Heart Healthy Tuna Casserole - I made this tuna casserole with Snyder's Sunflower Chips!

Heart Healthy Recipes: Crock Pot
Yep, you can even make these heart healthy recipes in your crockpot.

Heartland Vegetarian Chili - Grab your crockpot and make some hearty veggie chili!
Warming Winter Vegetable Stew - This hearty stew will keep you toasty all fall and winter long!
Tomato-Rotini Soup - All this hearty vegetarian soup needs is a thick slices of whole-grain bread to complete the meal!

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