A Baker's Dozen Apple Cake Recipes

A Baker's Dozen Apple Cake Recipes

Now that fall is here, we love to make seasonal treats for friends and family, and apple cake fits the bill as the perfect tasty dessert. Keep reading to see our 13 best recipes for apple cake.

Plain Apple Cake: My apple cake recipe has been handed down for over three generations, along with a few changes. The cake is easy to make, one bowl. The cake tends to get more moist every day, if it lasts that long.

Quick Shake Apple Cake: This recipe is simple and delicious. You do not need extra measuring spoons or measuring cups. It's all done with the Tupperware Quick Shake container.

Diabetic-Friendly Apple Cake: A nice recipe and good for diabetics.

Apple Caramel Cake: Real chunks of tart apples add fresh flavor to this sweet cake.

Apple Scrapple Cake: Apples, cinnamon, pecans and raisins go into this fabulously "fall" cake.

Apple and Honey Cake: A delicious cake year round, but especially appropriate for Rosh Hashana and a sweet new year.

Dutch Apple Cake: A simple cake with big apple taste.

French Cranberry Apple Cake: Unlike many French pastries, this cake uses oil instead of butter, so it's not quite as light and fluffy but it's better for you.

Apple Sauce Cake: This is a yummy cake everyone loves.

Pan Apple Cake: Whenever my aunt made a pan of this apple cake, it would be gone before we knew it! This recipe is more like a coffee cake that is moist and appetizing. It has a sweet apple and coffee taste to it.

Apple Pie Coffee Cake: This is a fun, flavorful cake that everyone always loves.

Caramel Apple Coffee Cake: Refrigerated biscuits make up the base of this easy cake.

Upside-Down Apple Cake: If you love the taste and texture of baked apples with cinnamon then this is the cake recipe for you.

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