A Chat with Art Smith

A Chat with Art Smith

Recently, I got the chance to interview Art Smith. These are the times where I'm shocked this is actually my job. As if you didn't know, Art used to be Oprah's personal chef and still cooks for and coordinates her high-profile functions. Yes, I am referring to THE Oprah. He's also behind the restaurants Table Fifty-Two, Art and Soul, LYFE Kitchen, and Southern Art and Bourbon Bar. Truth be told, Art's one of my favorite chefs, and I did my best not to come off as a fanatic. Keep reading for his tips and insight into the kitchen!

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Dan: Hi Art, it’s so nice to meet you and thank you for chatting with me. Many of our readers are here to get started in the kitchen. Do you have any advice for someone who is just learning how to cook?

Art: You’re going to make mistakes but thank God for food – you can eat your mistakes! Practice, practice!

Dan: Our site’s recipe box feature lets our users save their favorite recipes for easy access. Do you have any types of go-to foods?

Art: Soups and salads. They are easy to make and you can store them later for leftovers.

Dan: Although you’re a trained chef, someone has to have inspired you to cook. Who are your culinary inspirations?

Art: My mother Addie Mae and Julia Child.

Dan: Who doesn’t love Julia Child? If I ever met someone who didn’t, I’d steer clear. Here’s another question you probably get asked to no end, but that means you have an answer ready! What was it like to be Oprah’s personal chef?

Art: She, like everybody else, loves a home cooked meal. Just stands to reason you can be the “Queen of Talk” or just a regular person who needs some love and nothing says love better than a home cooked meal.

Dan: Last question. If you were stuck on a desert island, what’s the one ingredient you couldn’t live without? 

Art: Fat Free Greek Yogurt for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I eat it on my cereal, I add it to salads and make dressings out of it. Yogurt and fruit are a great late-night dessert.

Dan: Thank you so much Art! 

(Photo by Kipling Swehla)

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