A Father’s Day Feast That’s Out Of This World!

A Father’s Day Feast That’s Out Of This World!

Make Father’s Day special this year with a delicious feast dad will never forget. This year’s Father’s Day falls on June 20, and it’s on this day that you’ll celebrate your father, husband or grandfathers with a dinner he’s sure to love.

Cooking up dad’s favorites or some of these delicious dishes that other dads have seriously enjoyed will show him how much he’s appreciated! Raise your glass and toast to the world’s best dad!

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Surprise him with some manly snacks that he can’t help but enjoy!

Big Daddy Biscuits

Onion Parmesan Bread
Beefy Rice Salad
Beer Batter Onion Rings
Lazy Man's Sirloin Kabobs

Main Courses
Grab the kids and cook up these meals that are filled with meat and love!

Dad’s Pork Burritos
Husband’s Delight
Dad’s Dogs
Poor Man’s Lasagna
Daddy’s Pizza

Side Dishes
Keep things simple and healthy with some slaw or veggies for dad!

Dad's Macaroni and Tomatoes
Beer Battered Veggies
Dad’s Slaw
Man-Pleasin' Jambalaya
Dilled Mashed Potatoes

Bake his absolute favorite or choose from these other great father faves!

Dad's Favorite Pineapple Cake
Dad’s Coffee Can Bread
Grandpa's Pumpkin Bread
Father’s Day Delight
"Hubby's Favorite" Magic Cookie Bars

Get a little more creative with one of these extra special sippers!

Italian Summer Drink
Root Beer
Adult Life Saving Drench Punch

Presentation Pointers:

  1. Homemade cards are great gifts and really allow you to show how much dad means to you on Father’s Day. If you’re celebrating your husbands, have the kids chip in and write a little note to dad as well. 
  2. Rent dad’s favorite movie, even if it’s one that you wouldn’t typically enjoy. You might be surprised by how happy this makes him, and who knows, you might get to watch one of your favorites next week!
  3. When it comes to actual presents, think about what Dad’s interests are. If it’s gadgets, try a universal remote. Tickets to the big game are perfect for the sports dad. The tech guy will appreciate a digital download gift card. The key is to think about his hobbies and piggy back off that.

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