A Plethora of Pot Pies

A Plethora of Pot Pies

That’s a whole lot of P’s. This is a whole lot of pot pies. Here are some of our favorite recipes. We love them because they’re so easy and cleanup is minimal. If you make them in something like a Le Creuset oven, you only have to clean up one dish. How’s that for easy? They’re the perfect meals for a cold winter’s day. Enjoy!

Simple Chicken Pot Pie- If you have a tube of refrigerated biscuits in the fridge, you can accomplish many culinary works.

Mexican Cornbread Pot Pie- This recipe takes traditional Tex-mex ingredients and kicks things up by using cornbread instead of a traditional crust. It’s a flavor combination you can’t ignore!

Hamburger Pot Pie- Sick and tired of eating hamburgers the same way? Try this recipe and enjoy a new way of eating “the hamburger”, try it as a pot pie!

Rhubarb Streusel Pot Pie- Well worth the extra effort with a perfect dough and the interesting taste of fresh rhubarb.

Chicken or Pork Pot Pie- This is a versatile pot pie recipe with a slight crunch that is great with buttery bread sticks or biscuits.

Vegetarian Pot Pie- Beans and ground soy protein are used to make a lighter and healthier alternative to the traditional pot pie. Try it once, and you won’t regret it!

Hot Dog Pot Pie- This is perfect pot pie recipe for those of us on a budget. Many of the ingredients can be easily purchased in store, so it’s a quick meal too!

Easy Turkey Pot Pie- Roast poultry and vegetables are paired in a creamy sauce and topped with a golden biscuit crust.

Southwestern Pot Pie- Put a little Texas into your next pot pie with this recipe. This yummy pot pie recipe uses sweet potatoes, garbanzo beans and salsa!

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