A Taste of India

A Taste of India

The aroma of sumptuously spiced Indian food is something that can make any mouth water. An array of exotic flavors meld together in each dish, making Indian cuisine a favorite for many people. If you are looking to expand your palate or add to your recipe collection, try these traditional dishes from the East.

Indian-Spiced Carrot Soup: This colorful soup is wonderful served warm or cold. The chopped cilantro adds great bits of green and balances well with the sweetness of the soup. The turmeric used here is a spice that has many health benefits and it has been used as an anti-inflammatory for hundreds of years.

Split Pea Daal: This is an East Indian dish that's truly marvelous. Serve with steaming hot rice and a green vegetable of your choice, and chutney as a condiment.

Onion Bhajis: These goodies are a little like hush puppies but with a different flavor.

Indian Mulligatawny Soup: An interesting blend of tastes with ingredients like pistachios and eggplant.

Basmati Rice: Basmati rice is traditional Indian rice with a wonderful flavor.

Raita: Raita is usually considered an Indian salad. This is great served with any spicy dish.

Main Courses
Indian Kheema: This is a typical Indian dish that uses readily available ingredients and is not very spicy.  Of course, you can alter the amount of cayenne pepper to suit your taste. You can increase the amount of beef and chick peas to get more servings, as well. 

Mutton/Chicken Biryani (Biryani Hydrabadi Dum Ka Mutton Biryani): Try this delicious dish with seasoned meat and rice. 

Chicken Cashew Curry: This recipe is uncomplicated and easy to follow.  It produces a rich, tasty curry full of texture and flavor, made so by the addition of ground cashews and freshly made Garam Masala. Do not be tempted to cut corners by buying Garam Masala from the supermarket. Making your own will result in a curry with much rounder, more complex flavors.

Palak Paneer: A favorite dish in Indian cuisine, this is made with spinach and paneer, a mild Indian cheese.  You can make your own paneer or find it in gourmet groceries or any Indian market.  Ghee is simply clarified butter, which you can also make yourself or buy ready-made.

Shrimp Vindaloo: Vindaloo is the hottest of curries- try it with shrimp if you can handle the heat!

Tandoori Chicken: A paste made from a combination of spices and dried peppers is the secret to this spicy grilled chicken recipe. No long marinating time is required; the chicken can be prepared in the time it takes to get the coals hot.

Indian Cheesecake: This traditional Indian dish called Ras-Malai contains ricotta cheese, cardamom, and rose water for a unique flavor.

Indian Fried Pumpkin Bread: Fried in oil and topped with butter and maple syrup, these sweet cakes are a perfect autumn dessert to finish off your meal.

Kashmiri Chai: Using green tea, cinnamon and a pinch of saffron, this recipe is a slight variation on your favorite chai.

Cucumber Mint Lassi: This is often served in Indian restaurants as a mouth-cooling accompaniment to hot curries. It also makes a delicious, light breakfast beverage. This one in particular is a clean-tasting drink.

Indian Railway Tea (Chai): The spicy-sweet aroma of Chai tea is irresistible - hot or cold.

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