A Very Slow-Cooker Summer: 10 Easy Crockpot Recipes

A Very Slow-Cooker Summer: 10 Easy Crockpot Recipes

These 10 slow-cooker recipes put your crockpot to perfect use! You won't heat up the entire house, and your filling meal will be prepared in no time at all. Serve these recipes with all the summer trimmings like potato salad, cole slaw, and an ice cold glass of beer!

Brats & Family: There's something just so summery about bratwurst. Serve this recipe with some delicious caramelized onions and some crusty rolls.

Blueberry Dump Cake: Put those fresh blueberries to use in the crockpot with this simple recipe.

Crockpot Beans
: A variation on the classic crockpot chili, this recipe is fantastic for a crowd!

Grandma Rose’s Fruit Brisket: Grandma Rose makes one mean brisket, and this is it! Serve this slathered in some BBQ sauce and you're set.

Zesty Slow Cooker Pork Chop Barbecue: Tender, moist, and delicious. That's how we like our pork chops. This is a hit every time!

Creamy Crab Dip: This is a great dip to serve at any party because it doesn't require an oven. Seafood lovers will delight in this delicious dip!

Slow-Cooker Chicken and Dumplings: Simmering deliciousness in a crockpot. How perfect is this recipe?

Crockpot Apple Pie: The classic comes together in crockpot form!

Slow Cooker Chicken Sloppy Joes: Did you know lighter Sloppy Joe's were possible? Neither did we, but here they are!

Not Your Typical Green Bean Casserole: Whether or not you like green beans, you will still love this.  The ingredients sound strange but the outcome is delicious!

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