All About The Classic Irish Breakfast

All About The Classic Irish Breakfast

All regions around the world have their own signature food dishes. One of the most popular types of regional dishes is the breakfast dish. In the United States and the United Kingdom the classic Irish breakfast is popular and those who are interested in delighting themselves with this sort of breakfast can find it at their local pub or concoct it in their own home.

The classic Irish breakfast is similar to a traditional English breakfast, which means that it includes bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, tea and coffee.  The thing that sets the breakfast of the Irish apart from most other breakfast dishes around the world is the addition of white pudding and black pudding.  For those who do not know what white pudding is, white pudding consists of oats, beef suet, fat, onions and spices and seasonings.  Black pudding, which is also known as blood sausage, consists of goat, cow or pig's blood, barley, chestnuts, cornmeal, beef suet and fat.  In most of the Northern European culture, white pudding and black pudding are considered staples at almost all meals. 

As mentioned earlier, this ethnic breakfast typically has tea and coffee as beverages, but sometimes orange juice is the beverage of choice.  Toast, mushrooms and a fried, red tomato are also included in this type of breakfast.  Another unique inclusion in the classic Irish breakfast is Irish soda bread, which is used as a side.  The soda bread is traditionally topped with a sweet spread or jam.  Also, baked beans are included in the classic breakfast feast; something that is mostly unheard of as a part of a typical breakfast in the United States.

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