Amazing Apples: 8 Crockpot Apple Recipes

Amazing Apples:  8 Crockpot Apple Recipes

Fall definitely makes us crave crockpot recipes, but have you ever made apple recipes in your crockpot? Apples are a quintessential fall food, much like pumpkins, but you can make so much more with them than you realize. Just take a look at these amazing apple recipes!

Crockpot Apple Cider: Enjoy a glass of  apple cider on the very first day of autumn! You'll love the sweet and spiced taste of this  recipe.

Wonderful Crockpot Apple Butter Recipe: Instead of fat on that morning bagel or muffin, try this sweet alternative.

Crockpot Caramel Apple Nachos: A delicious dessert made with apples, tortillas, pecans, apple juice and cinnamon.

Crockpot-Baked Stuffed Apples: A great way to use up apples in the fall after a visit to the apple orchard, this recipe is yummy for dessert or a snack.

Easy Apple Kielbasa Crockpot Dish: This is a great one pot dish that can be made for a crowd or family the night before. It's a great way to use apples when they're so plentiful in the fall!

Crockpot Apple and Brown Sugar Corned Beef: The strong, salty taste of corned beef is well balanced out with apple, brown sugar, and milder ingredients.

Mouth-Watering Apple Butter Recipe: This is one of the easiest recipes that you can make for simple delicious apple butter. This recipe can also be made in a crockpot.

Apple-Raisin Topped Crockpot Ham: This unique ham recipe layers slices of ham with a sweet apple-raisin mixture.


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