American Recipes, Ingredients, and Facts

American Recipes, Ingredients, and Facts

While ethnic food can be delicious, there is something to be said for some good old American recipes. Here at Recipe4Living, we love American recipes as much as anybody else, and we have some great American recipes for you to try out! Read more to see some traditional American recipes, as well as some fun facts and history.

Ingredients for American Recipes:
Foods that are native to America include: corn, squash, pumpkin, beans, tomatoes, barley, sunflower, raspberries, blackberries, potatoes, maple syrup, honey, nuts, and much more.  These ingredients can be found in many Native American recipes, and are also often incorporated into our daily diets. 

Native American Recipes
The Native Americans used fresh, local ingredients to make these recipes.

Native American Fry Bread
Native American Cranberry Sauce
Cherokee Huckleberry-Honey Cake

Traditional American Recipes
When people think of American recipes, these are the dishes that come to mind.  They’re classic, delicious, and easy.

Honey Cornbread
Bacon-Wrapped Hamburgers
American Classic Potato Salad
Yummy Apple Pie
Fried Chicken
Baked Beans with Hot Dogs
All American Roast Beef

Healthy American Recipes
American recipes don’t always have to be unhealthy.  Try these guilt-free American recipes!

Lite Apple Pie
Butternut Squash Soup
Baked Sweet Potato Fries
Turkey Vegetable Bean Soup
Low Fat Meatloaf

Great American Recipes
These American recipes not only taste American, but they look American, too!  They’re perfect for a 4th of July party.

Red, White, and Blue Shooters
Red, White, and Blue Slaw Salad
Fun American Flag Cake
USA Flag Pizza
Patriotic Parfait

Did you know?
Americans purchase and consume about 3 billion pounds of watermelon annually.

There are at least 70 species of onion native to North America.

The first Thanksgiving was actually a traditional English harvest celebration.  The pilgrims invited Massasoit, an important Native American leader.

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