April Fools Day eCookbook

april fools recipes

Think you're a prankster? Download this eCookbook and get tons of recipes to trick the toughest taste buds. Fake-out recipes and tricky treats will fool everyone!

This tricky ecookbook is a jokster's dream and is filled with tons of recipes that are not what they seem to be.  The recipes are divided into fake-out recipes, which are "mock" versions of recipes and tricky treats, which sound like they will be one thing but taste like something different!  Enjoy pulling the wool over everyone's eyes with these fun recipes!

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Here's just a few of the many April Fools Day recipes you'll find in the April Fools Day ecookbook:

Fake-Out Recipes

Mock Apple Pie - Try this interesting way of making an apple pie. There are apples in the ingredients and you will be using Ritz crackers in this recipe. It is fun to make and great tasting. (Page 7)

Mock Meatballs - Great tasting non-meatballs for spaghetti or served with a rich veggie gravy. If you don't have any egg substitute on hand, you can use 2 beaten eggs in its place. (Page 9)

Low-Calorie Strawberry-Kiwi Mock Margarita - Citrus juices never tasted so good. This mock cocktail is a good source of vitamin C, naturally fat free and low calorie. (Page 13)

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Tricky Treats

Scented "Rocks" - These funky little creations look like real rocks, but are made with a simple flour mixture and smell wonderful! Try making a batch and then keeping them in open containers around your house. (Page 19)

Chocolate "Sushi" - This clever dessert is sure to impress party guests. (Page 22)

Mare's All Rotten Potatoes - Don't let the name throw you--these are darn good! ( Page 20)

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