At Home Festival Foods

At Home Festival Foods

Love that fresh-from the-festival taste but hate the crowds? Check out these incredible recipes to bring the festival to your kitchen table. These five treats are the perfect kid-friendly snacks to add a little fun to your meal without having to go to the fair.

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1. Corn Dogs


Kids love them, and we certainly know why. A corn dog is the ultimate grab 'n go lunch idea. The only mess to worry about is the imminent mustard stains form you favorite tart condiment slathered all over these puppies. This recipe is perfect for recreating that festival feel in your home. 


2. Funnel Cakes


The ultimate crown jewel of festival foods -- funnel cakes. Whether you call them funnel cakes, elephant ears or that delicious, fried crispy dough dessert from the fest, there is no denying these cakes are highly sought after. Now you don't have to what in that obnoxiously long line for your little taste of sugary fried heaven, make them at home any time you please!


3. Cotton Candy


Cotton candy is a favored childhood treat. It's sticky, it's sugary, it's delicious. This is a definite crowd-pleaser if you're looking to unleash the kid-at-heart in your guests or simply treat your family to a fun summer snack. Nothing says festival fun like cotton candy!


4. Curly Fries


If you're sick of plain old fires what do you crave? Curly fries no doubt. Spiced to perfection these fancy potato sides will send your taste buds salsa dancing through an entire serving, or two, or maybe three. These little guys are so packed with flavor, you don't even need a condiment for dipping. Simply enjoy that kick of spice and watch your family or guests keep grabbing for more. 


5. Snow Cones


When you need a break from the fried festival bonanza, nothing sounds better than a cool sugary treat to beat the heat. Snow cones are a perfect kid-friendly, grab-and-go dessert idea. You family and friends will love mixing and matching all the syrup flavors to create their own unique combination. They are fun, they are delicious and so simple to make. 


Festivals are a great activity for the heat and now you can enjoy a little taste of summertime fun right in your very own kitchen. No crowds, no lines just delicious food that you can now enjoy any day of the year! 



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