Beers and Brats: Recipes + Pairing Tips!

Beers and Brats: Recipes + Pairing Tips!

Do you know what kind of lager or ale pairs with your favorite Summer dishes? Learn more about pairing food with beer and read on for our favorite bratwurst recipes that you can prep on the grill in no time at all!

Recipe4Living loves a good cookout or picnic, and these recipes and tips will make for harmonious pairings. Enjoy all the tips and recipes below this season, and remember to drink responsibly.

Two of the most crisp summer seasonal favorites come from Samuel Adams: Sam Adams Summer Ale and Sam Adams Porch Rocker.

The Samuel Adams Summer Ale is brewed with lemon zest and Grains of Paradise. The beer is a classic American wheat ale that is citrusy with a hint of spice on the finish. The peppery taste from the Grains of Paradise adds a distinct yet subtle bite. Ale yeast adds a tropical fruit note that’s reminiscent of mangos and peaches; all of these components make for a clean-finishing beer. The Summer Ale pairs nicely with seafood and spicy flavors found in Jamaican and Thai recipes.

Samuel Adams Porch Rocker
is a play on the Bavarian-style Radler – a crisp lager that combines light maltiness and subtle hop notes with a hand-crafted lemon blend, using real fruit for a fresh-squeezed lemon taste. First Sam Adams brews a blonde, German lager and then adds a hand-crafted lemon blend to create the best balance of subtle tartness and a bit of sweetness. This variety is 4.4% ABV and the flavors pair so well with a grilled chicken or seafood pasta dish.

Another summer beer we love is Batc
h 19. MillerCoors’ newest lager is a recipe that was found when their brewmaster recovered an old logbook from 1919 in the Coors Brewery during a flood. What a terrific story to go along with this summer beer! The pro-Prohibition style lager was a hit with everyone and has now been rolled out nationwide. We love the combination of hops that is new to MillerCoors and it also has many people raving. With brats, this beer simply can't be better!

Here are the brat recipes you should pair these new Summer favorites with:

Brats & Beer on the Grill
Brats & Family
Chili-Stuffed Brats
Cheese-Stuffed Brats
Classic Backyard Beer Brats

Enjoy these recipes all Summer long!

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