Better with Butter: 13 Buttery Recipes

Better with Butter: 13 Buttery Recipes

If there’s anything Paula Deen and Honey Boo Boo know about, it’s the value of adding butter to anything. Butter is like a good friend that instantly makes any meal better, if not a little less healthy. Okay, fine, the stuff isn’t good for us. I accept it, and I eat it anyway. I eat it just like I’m eating this Nutella and butter sandwich right now. At least it’s on whole grain bread. Anyway, here are some of the best butter-filled recipes I could find!


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The Easiest Buttercream Frosting Ever: This frosting is great for making all your favorite treats. Just make sure you try to keep it cool!

Buttery Vanilla Kettle Corn: “This recipe was just given to me from a friend and I just had to share it with all of you. Infused subtle sweetness of vanilla, this sweet, buttery kettle corn makes a wonderful snack to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.”

Buttery Sugar Cookies: “This dough is easy to work with - it has no baking powder - so the cookies bake smooth and flat - without any small bumps. It makes decorating easier. This is a recipe from my late mother. Every year she made dozens of cookies at Christmas time to share with family and friends. I've carried on her tradition.”

Chocoholic Pancakes: Pancakes were one of my favorite foods growing up, especially the chocolate chip ones. As an adult, I strive to be even more insane in my food choices, so I thought why not get some chocolate maple syrup in the mix, too! Don't eat this every day, and I take no responsibility for anything that happens if you do.

No-Bake Butter Biscuit Cake: Simple and elegant, this cake will be a hit.

Maple Bacon Monkey Bread: Brown sugar, butter, bacon and cayenne pepper give this monkey bread a delicious sweet and spicy caramelized flavor.

Fudge Butter Cake: Isn't that fun to say? I think so. Anyway, this cake is delicious because the yellow and buttery cake combines with the rich and decadent fudge for a dessert that's sure to put you to sleep right after you eat it!

Buttery Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting: Banana cake is one of our favorite desserts. Cream cheese frosting is our favorite frosting. So we thought why not mix the two into one delicious dessert?

Black Peppercorn Alfredo Sauce: This Alfredo sauce is kicked up a notch with a heaping helping of cracked peppercorns! Feel free to tweak the recipe to your liking if you don't want it as peppery!

Wild Mushroom Risotto: This is a deliciously flavorful way to serve risotto to vegetarians!

30-Minute Shrimp Risotto: This shrimp risotto is buttery, delicious, and makes the perfect light main dish or side. It's like eating velvet, it just tastes a lot better.

Broiled Herb Butter Chicken: Chicken breasts broiled with an herb butter seasoned with garlic, parsley, rosemary and thyme. Comes out nice and juicy!

Bare Bones Bechamel Sauce: Bechamel sauce is a classic French sauce made of butter, milk, and flour. It makes the perfect topping for roasted vegetables or some scrambled eggs. Try it out!


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