Breakfast Makeover: Pancakes

Breakfast Makeover: Pancakes

Having pancakes for breakfast is a treat that many of us enjoy, but it’s not always the best choice to make when it comes to starting your day. Drenched in butter and loaded with sugary syrup, pancakes often taste more like dessert than breakfast. Learn how to make your pancakes extra healthy and delicious with these 5 great recipes!

While pancakes aren’t always that bad for you, they don’t really hold much nutritional value.  They’re packed with white flour, a simple carbohydrate that does nothing for your body.  For a high-fiber pancake that will promote heart health and lower your cholesterol, try using whole grains.  Incorporate some wheat flour, oats, quinoa, buckwheat, or bran into your recipe.  Your body will benefit and you’ll feel full until lunchtime comes around.

Some pancakes can be higher in fat, as well, depending on their ingredients.  Stay away from using lots of butter or whole milk.  Skim milk works just fine and your pancakes will taste just the same!  And in many cases, you can replace butter with other ingredients such as applesauce.

Finally, to make your pancakes extra healthy, skip the sugary syrup and top your cakes with some fresh fruit.  They’ll not only taste delicious, but they’ll be loaded with vitamins.

Low-Fat Apple Pancakes

Why They’re Healthy: This is a pancake recipe made easy because it uses heart-healthy baking mix.  It features ingredients such as skim milk and egg substitute, which results in a low-fat dish, and it’s topped with delicious fresh apples!

Yogurt Pancakes

Why They’re Healthy: These pancakes are not only packed with whole wheat flour, but they also have flaxseeds in them for extra fiber.  In addition, this recipe can be easily modified to suit vegans or people with dairy and egg allergies. 

Quinoa and Beet Pancakes

Why They’re Healthy: This unique breakfast incorporates fiber-filled whole wheat flour and quinoa flour.  These pancakes also are infused with beets, a healthy vegetable that is high in folate and manganese. 

Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Why They’re Healthy:
Yes, you can have chocolate chip pancakes and still be healthy!  This recipe uses skim milk, whole wheat flour, egg beaters, and very little butter or sugar.  This ensures a high-fiber, low-fat breakfast that your whole family will love!

Eggless Banana Pancakes

Why They’re Healthy: This simple recipe makes sure you get your daily dose of potassium due to all the fresh sliced bananas on top!  These yummy pancakes are also heart-healthy, as they contain oats and have no butter in them.   

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