Brownies With a Twist

Brownies With a Twist

Try a new take on the classic chocolate brownie. These recipes incorporate fruit, Oreos, nuts, caramel, alcohol and more.

Banana Bread Brownies: These moist and delicious bars are a tad more dense than regular banana bread.

Toasted Marshmallow Brownies: All the flavor of a freshly made s'more, but without all the sticky mess.

Pecan Brownies: Pecans add a bit of crunch to these brownies.

Apple Brownies: These sweet treats very easy and quick to make.

Lemon Brownies: An easy recipe that is light and sweet. These no-chocolate brownies make excellent bars.

Kahlua Brownies: If you love the drink, why not add it to your brownies for that extra bit of oomph.

Coconut Brownies: Spice up your normal brownie recipe with the addition of some flaked coconut.

Crispy Brownies: These fun multi-layered brownies have a crispy crunch mixed in with a sweet topping.

Caramel Brownies: Yummy alternating layers of chocolate and caramel, with walnuts and chocolate chips

Mexican Brownies: The traditional Mexican flavor combination of cinnamon and chocolate enhances these rich, dense brownies.

Cappucino Brownies: These indulgent treats make a gorgeous presentation for guests that will have everyone's mouths watering.

Gold Rush Brownies: Bits of graham crackers add a sweet texture to these brownies. (And they look like flecks of gold!)

Potato Chip Brownies: This unlikely dessert ingredient adds a subtle salt element and a bit of fun crunch.

White Chocolate Brownies: Speckled with white chocolate, this black and white brownie is deliciously different.

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