Buy These, Not Those: 10 Ways to Shop Smarter

ways to shop smarter

If you're looking to start eating healthier, but don't know where to start, there are a few easy ways to switch out the foods you already eat regularly with healthy alternatives. Next time you hit the grocery store, bring this list along to help encourage you to switch up your everyday foods.

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Buy Skinny Pop vs. Microwave popcorn: Skinny Pop is cholesterol free, gluten free and has zero trans fat. With only 39 calories per cup, you can enjoy your movie and popcorn without feeling guilty!

Buy "I Can't Believe it's Not Butter" vs. Butter: The original spread of "I Can't Believe it's Not Butter" has 70 percent less saturated fat and 30 precent less calories than regular butter. It also has zero trans fat and is cholesterol free. Spread away!

Buy Whole grain bread vs. White bread: I know some people don't like the texture of some whole grain breads. If that sounds like you, try finding a whole grain bread that is high in nutrients with a finer texture.

Buy Thomas' Bagel Thins vs. Regular bagels: If the calorie content is keeping you from buying bagels at the supermarket, try Bagel Thins. They allow you to get your bagel fix while consuming half the amount of calories.

Buy The Laughing Cow Wedges vs. Cream cheese or spreadable cheese: These delicious triangles of cheese come in so many different flavors, there is one perfect for everyone. The best part — they're only 35 calories each!

Buy soy milk or Coconut milk vs. Whole or 2% milk: If you're a heavy milk drinker, switch to a soy or coconut milk. It's an easy way to effortlessly cut down on calories and fat.

Buy Egg Beaters vs. Regular eggs: Egg Beaters are the perfect egg supplement. Egg Beaters are half the calories of a regular egg and have zero grams of fat and zero cholesterol. Egg Beaters are perfect to use for baking as well!

Buy Greek yogurt vs. Regular yogurt: Some people are intimidated by Greek yogurt, but with all the new flavors, it's hard to even tell the difference between Greek and regular yogurts.

Buy Crystal Light Lemonade vs. Fruit juice: Instead of buying juice at the store, buy packets of Crystal Light Lemonade. Just throw the powder in a pitcher full of water, mix and enjoy! It's only 5 calories per serving, significantly less than a glass of your favorite juice.

Buy Lacroix vs. Soda: If you're a carbonation lover, swap your soda for a can of Lacroix. It's just flavored sparkling water.

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