Can the Canned Frosting with These 15 Recipes

Can the Canned Frosting with These 15 Recipes

Take your cakes and other desserts to the top with homemade frosting! This is one thing that everyone can tell if it's homemade or from a can. Impress your family and friends with these easy homemade frostings!

Mocha Frosting: Add the flavor of coffee to your cake with this delicious mocha frosting!

Maple Frosting: This is a great frosting on a chocolate cake; everyone loves it.

Butter Frosting: Simple and sweet – with a bit of rum for flavoring!

Caramel Frosting: This caramel frosting is so yummy!

Cookie Frosting: This basic frosting can be spread with a knife or small spatula or squeezed through a pastry bag onto the cookies. If you plan to pipe the frosting through the bag, make it a little stiffer by adding a little less milk.

Whipped Frosting: Use this homemade frosting to add an extra sweetness to any baked goods.

Penuche Frosting: The name of this heavenly frosting refers to the length of time that the ingredients must be beaten continuously over simmering water. This results in a thick, fluffy consistency. It's also fat-free!

7 Minute Frosting: Here a simple and great recipe for anyone who needs to make frosting for a two layer cake.

Strawberry Frosting: You'll love this easy-to-make recipe for strawberry frosting.

Cherry-Nut Frosting: This fun frosting flavor is packed with cherry flavor and a subtle nuttiness!

Peppermint Frosting: Top your Christmas Cake with this peppermint frosting! Use peppermint candies or extract! It's delicious either way!

Buttercream Frosting: This covers a larger cake, but I would double it for a layer or bundt cake. It is really good.

Cream Cheese Frosting: This basic frosting recipe should be a staple in your recipe file. Fantastic on carrot cake, but works well with lots of other desserts too! Be creative!

Butterscotch Frosting: If you love butterscotch, this frosting is for you!

Creamy Cocoa Frosting: This creamy cocoa frosting is my favorite!

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