Celebrate The Planet With An Earth Day Party!

Celebrate The Planet With An Earth Day Party!

Green has officially hit the mainstream. It’s important for everyone to do their part for our Earth, and what better way than to celebrate Earth Day with a fun, but environmentally friendly party.

On April 22, everyone on the entire planet celebrates Earth Day together. Since climate change has become a major issue all over the world, use it as an opportunity to throw a eco-friendly party that is unique, enjoyable and commemorates our amazing planet!

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Begin this eco-friendly bash with lots of veggies and hummus.

Tree Hugger's Terrific Organic Vegetarian Chili

Spinach Salad with Roquefort Lime Dressing
Mmm Hummus
Miso Soup with Tofu and Kale
Stuffed Celery

Main Courses
For the major attraction, allow your guests try something new, like organic and soy dishes.

Tofu Burgers
Organic Herb and Veggie Baked Chicken
Glazed Pork Medallions with Soy-Laced Peach and Ginger Sauce

Pasta with Grilled Tomato Sauce and Grilled Vegetables
Marinated Vegetable and Tofu Kabobs

Side Dishes

Fresh and flavorsome is the way to go for these sides.

Herb-Infused Potatoes
Soy Kale
Pea Salad
Asparagus with Tomatoes
Tofu and Rice Stuffed Peppers

Ever try tofu in your dessert? You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Fruit Muffins
Apple Pie
Tofu Ice Cream
White Choco-Tofu Pie
Easy Fruit Salad

Smoothies, soda, lemonade or shakes. They all work today. Just don’t forget the ice cold water!

Banana Soy Smoothie
Fruit & Cream Soda
Green Apple Lemonade
Tofu Berry Shake
Honeydew Smoothie

Presentation Pointers:

  1. Forget the paper invites. Go green! Send out invitations by email or use the service Evite so you can save on the paper. If you’re not too computer savvy, write the invites out on brown paper bags. Not only will they be unique, but they encourage your guests to get in the recycling spirit.
  2. Tell your guests to dress in green or in their favorite recycled or hand-me-down outfits. No one should buy a new outfit for this party, especially since so many styles have returned. The older, the better!
  3. You want your guests to be eco-friendly, so make it easy. Provide them with cloth napkins, regular silverware, glasses and plates. Put the recycling bins in an easily located area, so every guest knows exactly where the garbage goes.

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