Cheaper in Season: Summer Produce Recipes

Cheaper in Season: Summer Produce Recipes

The wonderful thing about this time of year is just how much produce is in season. Not only is everything ripe and delicious, but it’s super cheap this time of year! We couldn’t possible include everything in this list, but here’s some of our favorite recipes using August produce.


Apricot Scones:  these fresh fruit scones are a great way to start the day, preferably with a cup of tea.

Apricot Fudgies: these chunky cookies are filled to the brim with apricots and white chocolate chunks.


Avocado Appetizers: serve this delightful appetizer at your next party and then sit back and enjoy the raves.

Avocado Burritos: this great quick no-cook summer dinner is so yummy. It’s also perfect for make-ahead lunches!


Blackberry BBQ Sauce: a unique blend of sweet, tangy and savory, this sauce is ideal for beef, chicken or pork.

Blackberry Wine Cake: adding blackberry wine gives an everyday white cake an elegant flair


Garlic Bruschetta: this simple Italian appetizer drizzled with olive oil is ideal in August, because both garlic and tomatoes are in season.

Garlic Tomato Dip: serve this gazpacho-like dip with Snyder's sunflower chips, or even over an omelet.


Kielbasa and Onions: not only is this a mouthwatering dinner, but it’s insanely cheap year-round.

The Onion Lover's Onion: if you're passionate about your onions, then make this side dish with your  next meal. You owe it to yourself.

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