Chill Out With These Kitchen Stress-Relievers

Chill Out With These Kitchen Stress-Relievers

If you’re on our site, you like being in the kitchen. If you’re like me, though, you hate spending all your time in the kitchen on things like opening cans, looking for lost spices, or finding a place to store everything. I thought it’d be helpful to show you three of the new products that I saw at the Home and Housewares show that’d sure make all of our lives easier in the kitchen.

Trudeau Stress Less Can Opener- We’ve already given this away on our Chew On That blog, but it’s absolutely one of our favorite items. Instead of clamping onto a can and praying for dear life the can doesn’t fall out or the lid cuts our hands. This can opener clasps onto the top, and a rotary handle ensures the lid comes off quickly and safely. Not slicing my finger on the top of a can of beans? I like it, and it sure beats stabbing the top of a can with a knife trying to get it open (I’ve done that, and don’t recommend it). 

Umbra Tricon Canisters- Umbra is another brand known for making things easier. The problem I have with putting storage containers on my counter is that most of them are so ugly. Not so with these. They’re triangularly shaped, and what’s even better is that the lids on these double as one-cup measuring tools. 

Trudeau Stress Less Automatic Corkscrew- There’s nothing like forking over a bunch of money for a good bottle of wine only to accidentally push the cork into the bottle. What a great way to ruin an evening. Can you tell that this has happened to me? That’s why I love the Stress Less Automatic Corkscrew from Trudeau. My favorite word in front of a gadget is “automatic,” because I know it’s going to make my life easier. Such is the case here.  

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