Cilantro Haters Rejoice: Easy Ways To Replace The Herb

Cilantro Haters Rejoice: Easy Ways To Replace The Herb

Cilantro, also known as coriander, is used to flavor foods from around the world. Ask most people if they like the taste, however, and you might be surprised at the responses you get. A large percentage of the population hates cilantro, which means that this herb has to be replaced entirely in many recipes. Discover why the taste of cilantro is so polarizing as well as what substitutions can replace the flavor without offending any taste buds along the way.

Why Do Some People Hate Cilantro?

As it turns out, cilantro haters don't simply have picky palates. Studies show that up to a third of the population is genetically disposed to dislike the flavor of this herb, and a lot of it has to do with smell. Several elements in cilantro combine to create a soapy smell and taste that many just don't care for.

Cilantro-Free Salsa

Traditional Mexican salsas almost always include cilantro, so some versions without cilantro can taste flat. Kick it up by including ground cumin or a squeeze of lime juice, which will elevate the flavors without the taste of cilantro.

Cilantro-Free Bloody Mary

There are few things better than a spicy Bloody Mary during a Sunday brunch, but traditional recipes often call for cilantro. The herb is included to tone down the kick of both the alcohol and the spice, but a great alternative in this cocktail is a piece of celery or two, like this recipe suggests.

Cilantro-Free Sauces And Marinades

If you come across a fantastic recipe that calls for cilantro leaves, don't despair. In most cases, cilantro leaves can be substituted with Italian parsley. In uncooked dishes like salad dressings, simply swap the cilantro for parsley in the exact ratio. In heated dishes like curries or hot sauces for fish, add in a pinch of ground cumin with the parsley for a better flavor match.
Even world-famous chef Julia Child was known for her hatred of cilantro, so it's no sign of a picky palate or a limited cuisine knowledge. Thankfully, these replacements are a great way to substitute different flavors into classic recipes.
Cilantro - love it or hate it? 


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