Cocktail Recipes, Hints & Videos

Cocktail Recipes, Hints & Videos

In the lexicon of mixology, cocktails are a style of mixed drinks. Originally made with distilled spirits, sugar, water and bitters, today it is any drink that contains alcohol. The general idea when making a cocktail is to maintain the balance or sweet and sour, weak and strong. Today we make cocktails with a variety of ingredients including gin, whiskey, rum, tequila, brandy, wine, beer, and vodka.

The first bartenders' guide with cocktails mentioned by name was published in 1862 and was called How to Mix Drinks; or, The Bon Vivant's Companion, by "Professor" Jerry Thomas. It listed recipes for punches, sours, slings, cobblers, shrubs, toddies, flips and 10 recipes for what he called "Cocktails". The difference between cocktails and the other drinks in this guide was the use of bitters as an ingredient. And although this ingredient is no longer in modern cocktails recipes, the name stays the same.

Brandy Cocktail Recipes

Apple Pie Cocktail

A bit of apple brandy makes this cocktail uniquely suited for fall.


3/4 oz. Barbancourt Traditional White Rum

1/4 oz. Martini and Rossi Rosso Vermouth

1/4 oz. Apple Brandy

1/2 oz. Lemon Juice

Dash of Major Peters' Grenadine


Stir in a mixing glass with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with twist of a lemon peel.

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Whiskey Cocktail Recipes


An oldie but a goody, this is one of the world's first cocktails, invented in New Orleans in the 19th century.


1/4 tsp. anise flavored liqueur

1/2 tsp. white sugar

1 tsp. water

2 dashes Peychaud bitters

ice cubes

1/4 C. bourbon whiskey

1 lemon twist, for garnish


Store a cocktail glass in the freezer for 15-20 minutes before making the cocktail. Pour the anise flavored liqueur into the frosted glass and turn to coat the sides. Add sugar, water and bitters to the glass, stirring to dissolve. Put ice cubes into the glass and pour in the bourbon. Stir and garnish with a twist of lemon.

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Vodka Cocktail Recipes

Cranberry Martini

The cranberry juice mixes nicely with the liquor. It's a perfect smooth drink.


1 1.5 fluid oz. jigger vodka

1/2 fluid oz. orange liqueur

1/2 fluid oz. dry vermouth

2 1.5 fluid oz. jiggers cranberry juice

1 C. ice



Combine vodka, orange liqueur, vermouth, cranberry juice, and ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously to chill. Pour into martini glasses, and serve. Garnish with cranberries.

Serving Size


Preparation Time

5  minutes

Cooking Time

5  minutes

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Rum Cocktail Recipes

Captain's Vacation

This is a really easy tropical-style drink recipe for all you spiced rum fans out there. You can garnish it with some pineapple chunks or one of those little toothpick umbrellas.


ice cubes

6 oz. pineapple juice

1 1.5-oz. jigger spiced rum

1 C. lemon-lime flavored carbonated beverage


Fill a glass with ice. Pour in the pineapple juice and spiced rum. Top off with enough lemon-lime soda to fill the glass.

Serving Size


Preparation Time

2  minutes

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Wine Cocktail Recipes

Fruity Wine Spritzers

This makes a wonderful starter for an indulgent Sunday brunch.


3 C light dry white wine such as sauvignon blanc, chenin blanc or pinot grigio, chilled

2/3 C fresh fruit syrup (more or less to taste)

1 C club soda


Combine wine, fruit juice and club soda. Serve over ice. Makes 4 drinks.

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Tequila Cocktail Recipes

Mango Margaritas

This unique Wolfgang Puck recipe is the perfect beverage for your Cinco de Mayo fiesta!


2 oz. good-quality tequila

1 oz. orange-flavored liqueur

1 oz. pureed ripe mango

2 Tbs. quick-dissolving sugar

1 Tbs. lime juice

1 C. ice cubes


In a blender container, combine the tequila, orange liqueur, mango puree, sugar and lime juice. Add the ice, cover securely, and blend until smooth. Serve in chilled glasses, rimmed with salt if you like.

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Cocktail Recipes Hint & Videos

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