Cold-Rise Pizza Dough: The Best Thing You Haven't Tried

Cold-Rise Pizza Dough: The Best Thing You Haven't Tried

Not a baker? Think that making homemade pizza dough is too time-intensive? Then you clearly haven't tried cold rise pizza dough. Keep reading for more about it.

I am not a baker.  I can only admire from afar, as opposed to recreate, the fruits of the labor of those who possess this talent and patience.  I lack the necessary attentiveness and fastidiousness that one needs to create the environment for yeast to thrive, to flourish, to expand.  Proofing boxes, waiting out multiple rises, scouting locations for that one warm spot, it all seems so fussy.  Perhaps manic, perhaps passionate, perhaps whimsical – these are words one could use to describe me.  Fastidious and patient - most definitely not.

Pictured: Light Meatless Pizza

Luckily, one need not have a predilection for fussiness to use the cool rise method.   

Cool rise dough is magic.  Or more specifically, the refrigerator becomes the magic giver, lifting the yeast from its ball of tightness into a billowy puff of potential bread.  Instead of waiting impatiently for your dough to rise (or not!) on the counter, one simply forgets about the dough.  Set it in the fridge.  Then forget about it, and go about your usual routine for the rest of the day (or at least a few hours).  Out of sight, out of mind.  The next day, you will open up that refrigerator and remember the glorious possibility that awaits you – a dough that has puffed up and is now ready for action.  

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